Tile Cleaning (Commercial) – Fort Lauderdale

Commercial and industrial businesses as well as private residences in Fort Lauderdale needing tile and grout cleaning have been calling the pros at Goldstar Cleaning Services for over and a quarter of a century. Goldstar Cleaning has earned a reputation in the business community as the company that delivers fast, thorough cleaning of tile and grout surfaces restoring floors, walls back splashes and counter tops to like new condition.

Isn’t it time that you revived your tile and grout surfaces? Fort Lauderdale retailers and professionals who have tile and grout flooring have to be concerned about the image they project to customers, clients and patients and a dingy floor is not the image they want. Turn those floors in high traffic areas, bathrooms and offices into shining reflections of your business by calling the professionals from Goldstar Cleaning Services.

Why Your Janitorial Service Can’t Thoroughly Clean Your Tile and Grout Surfaces

You may have one of the finest janitorial services in Fort Lauderdale but typically they are not equipped to clean tile and grout floors any better than the average Fort Lauderdale homeowner. They rely on abrasive cleaners, mops, brushes and muscle. Unfortunately grout, and some porous tiles will absorb anything and everything that is tracked on them and mopping and brushing simply embeds the contaminants deeper.

Commercial Tile Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale & Miami & Boca Raton

What you need is the Goldstar tile and grout cleaning process :

  • Floors and surfaces are inspected by a trained, experienced technician.
  • An appropriate “green” cleaning solution is applied to the surfaces and allowed to sit for a bit.
  • Using a power scrubber the solution is agitated breaking up the contaminants and residue from previous cleaners.
  • A truck mounted high pressure “steam” vacuum provides the heat and suction to evacuate the contaminates and fluids leaving the tile and grout looking like new.
  • A deep penetrating sealant is applied to protect the surface and make conventional cleaning easy and effective.

Goldstar Cleaning has been satisfying commercial and residential customers all across the Fort Lauderdale area for over 25 years. If you want your business or home to present the clean, crisp appearance that new tile and grout surfaces do, call us for a free quote and arrange an appointment to give your floors that like new look.