Mexican Tile Cleaning – Fort Lauderdale

Mexican Tile Cleaning is one of our specialties at Goldstar Cleaning. Mexican Tile and Saltillo Tile, can also be called Terracotta Tile. The word itself means cooked earth. These tiles come in yellow, orange, beige or all three colors in each stone. These Mexican tiles are left outside to bake in the natural sun of Mexico, or put in a kiln inside at very low temperatures.

The natural beauty of this Mexican tile is what makes it so popular in Fort Lauderdale. They are not perfect tiles and often come with animal footprints, a quality that buyers love. Mexican tiles are beautiful, but since they are made from raw clay, they are very porous. Often buyers seal or glaze these floors causing them to become very slippery when wet.

Mexican Tile Cleaning Fort Lauderdale & Miami & Boca Raton

Mexican tile cleaning is not that difficult when you first get them. You can simply sweep and mop the floor with water and a little white vinegar to remove oils and debris. But, Goldstar Cleaning Services has found that often these floors are not sealed or the sealer simply came off. Frequently there is soil or grind deep in the pores. Generally sealer causes discoloration to the finish and must be removed or redone. So this Mexican tile cleaning company recommends hiring a professional once or twice a year to remove any layers of soil, oils or dirt left on the finish and deep in the stone.

Mexican tile polishing can ensure that your beautiful floors last for years. If you are looking for a professional Mexican tile cleaning company in any of the tri counties, call 1-800-940-4782 and ask Benny for a free estimate.