Marble Restoration – Miami

If you’re looking for a reputable, trustworthy company to provide marble restoration in Miami, you should look at Goldstar Cleaning. We have over 15 years of experience cleaning marble floors in luxury homes and commercial spaces. Our highly-trained technicians offer the highest quality marble floor cleaning using the very latest equipment available. We restore and maintain marble floors, keeping them new looking and free of damage for years to come.

Owned and operated by a master craftsman who trained in Italy, we’ve been in business for more than 25 years.

We polish, restore, clean and maintain marble floors in private homes, as well as municipal and commercial buildings across South Florida, employing only highly-trained technicians, the newest, safest cleaning compounds, and the most modern, state of the art equipment. No job is too large or too small – and all of our work is performed with a guarantee of satisfaction.

You might not realize that marble floors need to be cleaned and polished regularly to maintain their beauty. Experts advise you to have your marble floors professionally cleaned once a year to extend the life of your expensive investment. When you do, be sure to hire a team that is experienced with marble floors and surfaces and will guarantee their work, so you can trust that your floors will be safe from damage.

Marble Floor Cleaning Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Boca Raton

Goldstar offers state of the art marble cleaning in Miami. Our technicians first use a resin diamond to remove any stains and smooth out scratches and holes. A gentle-but-effective 5X compound is then used to clean the floor. The final step is the application of a liquid polish that will leave your floors shiny and looking like new.

Your marble floors need regular cleaning and maintenance – so if yours aren’t looking their best, contact the marble cleaning professionals at Goldstar Cleaning today at 1-800-940-4782.