5 Marble Floor Cleaning Tips from Fort Lauderdale’s Master of Marble

Your marble floors are often an expensive investment and need regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain their beauty. But marble cleaning can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Fear not, by understanding some of the basics it can be a fairly simple process. Here are a few tips:
1. Use the Right Stuff.
In order to extend the life of your marble floors and keep them looking shiny it’s important to use the proper cleaning materials. Using the wrong cleaning products can damage your marble. There are many options available. Be sure to avoid cleaning materials that contain any descaling agents and use a sponge or soft piece of cloth to apply them.
2. Seal the marble
Marble surfaces require sealing for protection from water, moisture and dust. You can purchase sealant from most local hardware stores. Follow the instructions for applying it to the marble surface carefully.
3. Don’t Over Do It With the Sealing
There are some marble floors that don’t need sealing at all. Find out from the place you purchased it if yours is one of them. If your floor does require sealing be careful not to seal it too often. Marble can only absorb a certain amount of sealant so if you over do it there will be an unsightly thick coat on the marble surface.
4. Clean Spills ASAP
Marble is much more porous than other surfaces like granite. That makes it very vulnerable to damage from acidic liquids like wine, coffee or juice. So be sure to clean any spills on the marble right away before they leave a permanent stain.
5. Mop and Dry
Mop your marble floors regularly to eliminate dust and be sure to dry them after. Avoid suing a vacuum they can’t scratch.
If you need assistance contact the marble cleaning professionals at Goldstar Cleaning today at 1-800-940-4782.

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