Marble Floor Polishing Tips from Fort Lauderdale’s Master of Marble

When it comes to marble floor polishing learning the proper technique is essential to keeping your marble floors looking beautiful and avoiding any damage. You will need to take the proper precautions before you even start polishing. If you have a spill on marble floors, you clean it up right away. Certain marbles stain very easily, especially with juice or nail polish remover that causing pitting. Marble is porous, so stains seep into the stone and often get trapped. Wipe spills like coffee, wine, and juices up immediately. Try using plain warm, tap water (not well water), and a mild soap to wipe up spills. Whatever you do, do not ever use any types of acids like lemon juice or vinegar on natural marble. Products containing these acids damage your marble. Whatever you do, do not ever use any types of acids like lemon juice or vinegar on natural marble.
If you are using a cleaner other then low mineral water, make sure it contains neutral pH solutions. Read the label carefully on any over the counter products, if they contain an acid products or even soap or mild detergent, they can destroy your floors by the acidity. The acid makes its way under the finish and can really spoil or spot your floors.
Your best bet is to have a professional remove the stains. Marble floor polishing in your Fort Lauderdale home can be done for smaller areas by using a little baking soda and water. Then use a soft cloth to wipe in a circular motion. If the stain is completely gone, then try a sealant to avoid future stains.
Before you take any steps to marble floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale, understand that this is a century old stone and is very delicate to work with. If you are looking for a professional marble polishing company in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, contact Goldstar Cleaning at 1-800-940-4782 for an estimate today.

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