Terrazzo Polishing – Fort Lauderdale

If your terrazzo floors are looking dingy or dull, look to Goldstar Cleaning for Fort Lauderdale terrazzo polishing, cleaning and restoration. Our owner-operator is an Italian-born, European-trained craftsman with more than 25 years of experience in South Florida, cleaning and polishing terrazzo floors in the finest homes, commercial buildings and municipal spaces. All of our technicians undergo extensive training using the latest, state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration products and materials. The result? Your dull, dingy terrazzo floors will shine like they were brand new – guaranteed.

Why do terrazzo floors get so dingy looking? The smooth surface is prone to scratches and dings. Plus, while terrazzo appears smooth, small pores in the floor trap dirt from regular wear, especially in high-traffic areas. These pores can also trap stains. That’s why, if you want to maintain your terrazzo floors and keep them looking shiny and new, yearly maintenance is essential.

Terrazzo Restoration Fort Lauderdale & Miami & Boca Raton

Goldstar Cleaning is a name you can trust for professional terrazzo restoration in Fort Lauderdale. We only use the latest, safest compounds and equipment on your valuable floors, beginning with the resin diamond our technicians apply to get rid of scratches, stains and dings and leave your floors perfectly smooth. All traces of dirt are removed with a special 5X cleaning compound. And we top it all off with professional-grade liquid polish to bring back the shine in your terrazzo floors.